Lukas Murmann

I'm a PhD Candidate at MIT where I am advised by Prof. Fredo Durand. My research focus is on Computer Graphics and Computational Photography.


More about me

Before coming to MIT, I received a MSc in Computer Graphics from UCL and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from TUM.
I'm interested in entrepreneurship. As an undergraduate, I co-founded a company that created and distributed study materials for college students. Since arriving in Cambridge, I have been taking Chinese language classes, first with the MIT language program, then at Harvard, over time reaching advanced proficiency. There still is a long way to go, but learning a language as an adult has been a rewarding journey already. In 2016, served as the co-president of the MIT EECS Graduate Student Association and in 2015 helped organize the EECS visit days for prospective PhD students.

Computer Graphics Research

Miika Aittala, Prafull Sharma, Lukas Murmann, Adam Yedidia, Gregory Wornell, William Freeman, Fredo Durand
"Computational Mirrors: Blind Inverse Light Transport by Deep Matrix Factorization" NeurIPS 2019
project page
Lukas Murmann, Michael Gharbi, Miika Aittala, Fredo Durand. "A Dataset of Multi-Illumination Images in the Wild" ICCV 2019
project page
Lukas Murmann, Abe Davis, Jan Kautz, Fredo Durand. "Computational Bounce Flash for Indoor Portraits" ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2016
project page
Lukas Murmann. "Relighting for 2D Copy&Paste." Master's Thesis at UCL
project page

Other Publications


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