Lukas Murmann

I'm a third-year graduate student at MIT where I am advised by Prof. Fredo Durand. My research focus is on Computer Graphics and Computational Photography.

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Before coming to MIT, I received a MSc in Computer Graphics from UCL and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from TUM.
I'm interested in entrepreneurship. As an undergraduate, I co-founded a company that creates study materials for college students.

Recently, I started practicing Chinese. I'm still pretty bad at it, but it's getting better every week. My Chinese name is 马维明.

As member of the MIT EECS Graduate Student Association, I helped organize the 2015 visit day for prospective students. In the 2016 term, I'm serving as Co-President of the GSA together with Lucas Nissenbaum.


Computer Graphics Research

Lukas Murmann, Abe Davis, Jan Kautz, Fredo Durand. "Computational Bounce Flash for Indoor Portraits" ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2016
project page
Lukas Murmann. "Relighting for 2D Copy&Paste." Master's Thesis at UCL
project page

Other Publications

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